What you need to know about Golden Teacher mushroom

golden teacher

What you need to know about Golden Teacher mushroom

The Golden teacher mushrooms are also known as the golden teacher magic mushrooms or shroom is a spiritual plant that has been in existence for generations and belongs in the fungus family. This plant is characterized by a shinning gold and yellow cap of about 4.9 to 8 diameter. They have a stipe that is whitish and thicker towards the base.

This mushroom happens to be psilocybe cubensis. It is a species of psychedelic mushroom with active elements of psilocybin and psilocin. This also happens to be the favourite mushrooms for cultivators and growers alike because of their spiritual component and are easy and simple to cultivate at home. Growers love this golden teacher mushroom because it grows in great flashes and has a profound impact. This golden magic mushroom is believed to have originated from Florida in the mid of 1980s and became widely popular very shortly after due to its elegant look.

They are easily recognized because of their gold and yellow cap and are quite elegant and mostly large in their appearance; though so many others claim the exact origin is still unknown. The gold and yellow colour of the golden teacher disappears when they get matured. The golden teacher mushroom is considered to have spiritual effects on its consumers as they produce enlightenment, self-relaxation and some kind of deep connection to nature making you feel alive and free. The consumable recommended dose for dried golden teacher mushroom is between one gram and 3grams.

This dose might seem to be very small but this gives a greater chance for people who have never consume golden teachers before to suppress any form of complications such as nausea, euphoria, stomach pain and /or overexpression. This mushroom can actually make you feel good about yourself. Also, it makes you feel relax though when consumed to a certain extend or quantity, it may cause certain sensations which happens to be real like hearing and seeing things that aren’t real. Besides, due to these; it is believed to be considered a drug by many. This fungus is so special as it is a strain of psilocybe cubensis. It is preferable not to consume the golden teacher immediately before work, driving or any form of gathering.

It is best taken when you are in a confined environment preferable your home or any other safe and comfortable environment but outdoors is not a good place as u might have little or no control of yourself and the situation. If you are not feeding well, it is advised you stay a distance away from it. The various ways best consumed is either by chewing them uncooked, prepared as tea, or capsules.

golden teacher

The golden top mushrooms

Golden top mushrooms are also known as magic mushrooms or golden cap mushroom or cubes. They have been in existence for centuries dating back to the 1950s. They are consumed by animals such are cows as goats as these are some examples of plant-eating animals. This magic mushroom is mostly prepared after drying though a few people consume it fresh.

This gold top mushroom or magic mushroom are mostly considered a drug and causes side effects such as nervousness, panic, and hallucinations. They are not known for treatment purposes yet.
They are known to be the largest psychedelic mushrooms and are umbrella in nature.

They can easily be identified by foreigners due to their navy blue colour and dark brown cap with a white dot in the centre. For a moderate consumption of the golden top mushrooms, 1gram to 3.5gram works well and anything above is for those who are very familiar with consumption.

Growing golden teacher mushrooms for the first time

The golden teacher mushroom is unique in appearance and very distinct. They are the favourite among cultivators and are very easy to grow and maintain with low income. The first appearance of this plant was presumed to had been seen growing in Florida though some still believe these to be mere assumptions. Words of this spacemen rapidly spread out. Golding teachers are not fast fruiting like other mushrooms but these particular spacemen can grow and survive in abnormal conditions.

If you are thinking of cultivating golden teacher mushroom, you must begin firstly by knowing which way or method of cultivating best works for you as there are various ways to which they can be grown. Such as using a kit or using spores.
When using a mushroom growing kit, you will be needing a hospitable environment and also a mycelium substrate. The environment will enable the mycelium to grow well. Using kids makes the mushroom grow very fast, easy and straight. Most often, problems surrounding this manner of growth include the lack of consistency, high potential risk of contamination and/or fake products. Preferably, golden teacher mushroom should be grown using spores which is beginning from scratch.

This process will require some more preparation, assembling time-consuming materials. These spores can be found in multiple forms that are; vials (a small container mostly glass), prints (produce or seeds) and syringes.
The vials will be filled with the fertile ground; the syringes will be used to pick up the prints for nursing. After about 28 to 35days, they will become mycelium. That is when you will transfer it to a better and suitable environment where they will eventually yield fruits and prepare for harvest. This method of growing is less expensive, safe and very reliable.

golden teacher

When are the golden teachers mushrooms suitable for harvest?

This is said to be the most important stage of cultivating the golden teacher mushroom as it concerns picking fruits. Harvesting teacher mushroom is quite easy as you won’t need to wait for it to stop growing or end in growth that is before their veil starts breaking. This can be done by pulling the mushroom upward while performing some sort of twisting motion from the base carefully so it does break. Note that, growing golden teacher mushroom may take between a month and two before harvest.


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